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RNI # 24/103/2012-R1


Formulation and quality assessment of a shandy drink based on local beer tchakpalo and orange juice in Benin

Christian T. R. Konfo*, Alain Yaya Koudoro, Emmanuelle S.C.A Dèdéhou, Aldine Eloïse Bidossessi DJOGBE, Célestin C. Tchekessi, Anayce A. Djogbe, Pascal Cokou Agbangnan-Dossa, Félicien Avlessi, Edwige Dahouenon-Ahoussi and Dominique C.K. Sohounhloué

This work aims to enhance the agro-resources of Benin, in order to reduce post-harvest losses. It consisted of developing a new product, a shandy based on local tchakpalo beer and orange juice. The drink was obtained using a mixing plan of tchakpalo and orange juice. The microbiological, sensory and physico-chemical analyzes were carried out by standard methods. The results proved that all the formulated drinks were of satisfactory microbiological quality. The most popular shandy formula (75% orange juice and 25% lightly fermented tchakpalo) had a yellowish color, a slightly sweet and slightly sour taste and a pleasant aroma. Furthermore, it had a specific gravity of 1.03 ± 0.00; a pH of 5.35 ± 0.07; a titratable acidity of 6.55 ± 0.21 mg/g, a dry matter content of 9.15 ± 0.01%, an ash content of 1.93 ± 0.02%, a Brix degree of 9.75 ± 0.07; a content of tannin, total flavonoids and total phenol, respectively of 37.53 ± 0.04 mgLeuE/mL; 51.31 ± 0.03 mgQE/mL and 18.86 ± 0.02 mg GAE/mL. It then becomes essential to move on to the pilot phase for the promotion of this new product.

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