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Diversity of hard ticks in goats and sheep in Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Ramzan*, Unsar Naeem-Ullah, Hasnain Abbas, Muhammad Adnan, Zartasha Rasheed, Saba Khan

The current study was carried out to check the prevalence of tick infestation in sheep and goats in district Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. For this purpose, a total of 45 animals (25 sheep and 20 goats) were screened out. The various body parts like ears, udder and tails of animals were checked for tick collection. Out of total, 17(68.00%) sheep and 08(40.00%) goats were found infested with tick species. Three tick species such as Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Hyalomma anatolicum and Hyalomma marginatum were identified during the present study. The maximum infestation rate was in sheep as compared to goats. Mostly tick was collected from ears that are suitable site for tick infestation. The maximum tick infestation was in summer months (June-July) because these months are favorable for Tick development and reproduction

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