Biodynamic farming that uses natural methods
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Biodynamic farming that uses natural methods

A Metwally1* and Tamer I Abdel-Wahab2
*Correspondence: A Metwally, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt, Email:

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Editorial Note

Biodynamic agriculture may be a style of different agriculture terribly the same as organic farming, however it includes varied sibylline ideas drawn from the concepts of Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925). Initially developed in 1924, it absolutely was the primary of the organic agriculture movements. It treats soil fertility, plant growth, and farm animal care as ecologically interconnected tasks, action non secular and mystical views.

Biodynamic has a lot of in common with different organic approaches – it emphasizes the utilization of manures and composts and excludes the utilization of artificial (artificial) fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on soil and plants. ways distinctive to the biodynamic approach embrace its treatment of animals, crops, and soil as one system, a stress from its beginnings on native production and distribution systems, its use of ancient and development of latest native breeds and varieties. Some ways use associate pseudoscience sowing and planting calendar. Biodynamic agriculture uses varied flavoured and mineral additives for compost additives and field sprays; these are ready exploitation ways that are a lot of corresponding to sympathetic magic than scientific discipline, like memorial park quartz stuffed into the horn of a cow, that are same to reap cosmic forces within the soil.

Biodynamic method of farming

In common with different types of organic agriculture, biodynamic agriculture uses management practices that are meant to revive, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. Central options embrace crop diversification, the shunning of chemical soil treatments and off-farm inputs usually, suburbanized production and distribution, and therefore the thought of celestial and terrestrial influences on biological organisms. The Greek deity association recommends that (a) minimum of tenth of the whole farm area be put aside as a diverseness preserve. That will embrace however isn't restricted to forests, wetlands, bank corridors, and designedly planted insectaries. Diversity in crop rotation and perennial planting is required: no annual crop will be planted within the same field for over 2 years in succession. Vacant tillage year spherical is prohibited thus land must maintain adequate inexperienced cowl.

The Greek deity association additionally recommends that the individual style of the land by the farmer, as determined by web site conditions, is one in all the essential tenets of biodynamic agriculture. This principle emphasizes that humans have a responsibility for the event of their ecological and social surroundings which matches on the far side economic aims and therefore the principles of descriptive ecology. Livestock, and farmer, and therefore the entire socioeconomic surroundings kind a singular interaction, that biodynamic farming tries to actively form through a spread of management practices.

The prime objective is often to encourage healthy conditions always soil fertility, plant and animal health, and products quality. The farmer seeks to boost and support the forces of nature that cause healthy crops, and rejects farm management practices that injury the surroundings, soil plant, animal or human health. The farm is formed of as associate organism, a selfcontained entity with its own individuality, holistically formed and selfsufficient. Malady and bug management are addressed through biological science species diversity, predator environment, balanced crop nutrition, and a spotlight to light-weight penetration and flow of air. Weed management emphasizes hindrance, together with temporal order of planting, mulching, and distinctive and avoiding the unfold of invasive weed species.

Author Info

A Metwally1* and Tamer I Abdel-Wahab2
1Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt
2Gastroenterology Centre, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt

Citation: Metwally A, Wahab TIA. Biodynamic farming that uses natural methods. AGBIR 2021;37(5):203.

Received: 31-Aug-2021 Accepted: 14-Sep-2021 Published: 21-Sep-2021

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