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Volume 31, Issue 1, 2015

Research Article

Pages: 12 - 23

Study of water balance at irrigated crop level.

Raj Mani and Chhedilal.

Research Article

Pages: 24 - 29

Effect of organic manure, nitrogen and Phosphorous on growth in Okra .

V.L. Joshi, H.C. Patel and B. Singh

Research Article

Pages: 30 - 40

Influence of irrigations conditions and miconytrents sprayimg on Soyabean yield.

Soheil KObrace and Keyman Shamsi

Research Article

Pages: 41 - 45

Regulation of sex expression through PGRs and different manual practices for ridge gourd cv Pusa Nasdar.

M.N. Vyas, R.G. Yadav, N.A. Patel and A.D. Patil

Research Article

Pages: 46 - 53

Effect of Sulphur on growth, seed yield and oil content of Sunflower.

Manzoor Ahmad Rather, Nazir Ahmad Bhat, Abid Hussain Mir and E.P. Lal

Research Article

Pages: 60 - 67

Efficacy of new chemicals against mustard aphid.

Rohit Bhati, R.C. Sharma and A.K. Singh

Research Article

Pages: 68 - 74

Association seed borne fungi with discoloured seed of LUffa Aeggyptica.

Rashmi Verma and Nupur Sadda

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