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Periodontal vaccines via plantibodies: Bridging the gap between aspiration and achievement

Ambujakshi Manjunatha Vinayaka*, Ambujakshi Manjunatha Chaya, Adarsh Choudhary, Minakshi, Sumukh Bharadwaj and Lakshmi Pandey

Periodontitis, a multifaceted immuno-inflammatory disorder, is intricately linked to systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus. Recent advancements in cellular and molecular biology have catalyzed the development of innovative vaccination strategies for various viral diseases. The concept of vaccination, pioneered by Edward Jenner in the late 18th century, capitalizes on the phenomenon of acquired immunity following recovery from an illness. Jenner's groundbreaking work with cowpox virus, which conferred cross-protection against smallpox, laid the foundation for modern vaccination practices.

The advent of microbial genome sequencing and bioinformatics has revolutionized our ability to explore the genetic makeup of human pathogens comprehensively. This approach holds promise for identifying novel targets for antimicrobial drugs and vaccines, providing new avenues for combating infectious diseases.

Given the pervasive nature of periodontal disease, there is an imperative need for effective management and prevention strategies. In the realm of immunization, the emergence of plant-based vaccines represents a novel paradigm. This review employed various search engines, including PubMed, Embase, Web of Science, Cochrane, Medline and Google Scholar to identify pertinent articles in medical and dental research. The findings from these studies underscore the potential efficacy of plant-derived vaccines in addressing a diverse range of disorders, including periodontal disease.

This comprehensive review sheds light on the broad spectrum of applications of plant-based vaccines in periodontal care. By harnessing the unique properties of plant-derived antigens, these vaccines hold promise for offering safe, effective and scalable solutions for the prevention and management of periodontitis. Further research and clinical trials are warranted to explore the full potential of plant-based vaccines in revolutionizing periodontal therapeutics.

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