Exploring indigenous knowledge for cattle diseases diagnosis | 98359
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Agricultural and Biological Research

ISSN - 0970-1907
RNI # 24/103/2012-R1


Exploring indigenous knowledge for cattle diseases diagnosis, treatment and modes of application

Mulgeta Asefa, Chala Diriba* and Workineh Tesema

Indigenous knowledge is a localized knowledge that is acquired by locals through their experiences, informal experiments, and familiarity with their local environment. The knowhow of cattle diseases diagnosis and treatment practice using indigenous knowledge play a key role to improve farming and animal husbandry practices. The farmers of rural area use indigenous knowledge for diagnosis and treatment of cattle diseases, but currently this knowledge was disappearing because of not properly collecting, storing, sharing and applying. The aim of this study was to explore indigenous knowledge for cattle diseases diagnosis, treatment and modes of application. The exploratory research method was used and data collection instruments were focus group discussion, observation, and interview. The populations of this study were selected farmers of six (6) Kebeles who have a good experience on the area. The attained data showed that, people in the study area have good perception and practices on the indigenous knowledge medicine of cattle diseases diagnosis and treatment. The drugs of the knowledge practices are easy to access and very little in cost, it is economically important to the farmers. The knowledge practices were accessed from elders and transferred through orally. To acquire, share, store indigenous knowledge medicine, local herbalist, poem and heroic tale mechanisms were used. This kind of valuable knowledge need to be stored transferred and preserved for the next generation. Documenting indigenous knowledge is very crucial to avoid the loss of this indigenous knowledge practices in the Kebeles.

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